Apostle Nahum Rosario & Pastor John Jenkins

Apostle Nahum Rosario and Pastor Minerva Rosario are the parents of Pastor Joann Rosario Condrey. They have pastored for 45 years and oversee over 500 churches around the world under the Maranatha World Revival Ministries. Apostle Rosario is elated to see his children walking in the call and purpose of God. Papa and Mama Rosario are a constant source of wisdom and spiritual covering to their children. 


Pastors Cory Condrey & Joann Rosario Condrey


The Condreys are known for their heart for souls and passion for evangelism. Now, they are taking their ministry to the next level of discipleship with the launch of RainFire Church. As a ministry team, they are working together to fulfill this vision. 


Cory oversees CEA crusades, The STAND Campaign, Television and Radio Condrey. Cory & Joann serve as Senior Pastors of Discipleship, handling weekly services and pastoral duties at RainFire Church. It is their vision to impact this generation and encourage people to experience God in a life-changing way. 

Pastors Cory and Joann believe in covering. They believe in honor. No one can go through life and be great by doing life alone. The Condreys believe that they must be committed and submitted to authority so they can lead others. RainFire Church and The Condreys are honored to be covered by men and women of God who are respected internationally for their lives of Integrity and faithfulness to God, family and their callings.

Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. has been preaching the Good News since he was licensed as a minister at 15 years old. Pastor Jenkins returned to First Baptist to become the seventh shepherd. The fruit of his biblically based teaching is evidenced in the growth of church membership from 500 to more than 10,000. Today, an average 11,000 people attend weekly Sunday services. Pastor Jenkins is an unselfish man that constantly shares his wisdom with other pastors and ministries so they can operate in excellence.